Equipment Exhibition

Jiantai mould

Jiantai Mould Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the renewal of our machines. Our factory has 6 high-precision CNC machine tools, high-speed CNC milling machines, 4 EDM machines, 6 wire cutting machines, 4 drilling machines, 2 mold clamping machines, and 3 grinding machines. Suitable for large molds. High-speed engraving machine can guarantee fast and high-precision mold processing, although it is more expensive than ordinary engraving machines. There is a large mold positioning machine that can replace labor to assemble large molds, so as to obtain high-quality molds and save time; on the other hand, there are Haitian 2 large and small injection molding machines from well-known manufacturers They are used for mold testing to check if the mold is running well. We are equipped with a newer inspection system (coordinate measuring machine) on a product-specific basis, and each mold is inspected before it is delivered to the user.