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Mr. mu (General Manager)
No.60 Zhongyuan Road, Chengjiang Distract, Huangyan, Taizhou, China.

             TAIZHOU HUANGYAN JIANTAI MOULD CO.,LTD.Is a company engaged in automotive parts mold. Product category relates to automobile plastic mold, bumper mold, door mold, mould, mould and various kinds of mold manufacturing enterprises, the company is located in Huangyan city of China plastic mold. The company from the date of birth, Thailand die put quality and service enterprises as the foundation of this, the use of high-tech and equipment as a source of development. We know that, in the multitude of strong today, only excellent quality reputation, in order to attract new customers; only the best service reputation, in order to retain old customers.
              Management idea 
             Jiantai mould always adhere to the faith, dedication to the first class design with multiple quality assurance, improve the performance of products, interpersonal relationship and adaptability. We focus on more than every moment and every part of the function of the mold, we have to work together with the future of business philosophy, we have each product, all through the designer to evaluate the objective environment, use habits and trends, we have a professional R & D and sales service network, with advanced production equipment and personnel, at any time to grasp the initiative, quickly and closely to provide services for you.
             The quality of the mold, the advanced manufacturing means.
             Jiantai mould adhere to the people-oriented, advanced, rational, practical and durable purpose...... to do good work, must first sharpen his tools. Jian Thai mold has a number of high, fine, sharp a flow of mold manufacturing equipment, with its own good equipment and tooling design team and high level of manufacturing personnel, and laid a global manufacturing.   We not only can provide customers with all kinds of the best quality products, but also for the customer to plan to set up a series of key products, such as blow molding, injection molding products factory, etc.. "A first-class product quality, so that customer satisfaction Forever" is the company's unwavering basic policy, welcome customers to come to our guidance and purchase. - Jian Thai mold will help you to the road to success!

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ADD: No.60 Zhongyuan Road, Chengjiang Distract, Huangyan, Taizhou, China.
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